Detoxification Programme

As a leading clinic for the treatment of behavioural health issues, including addiction to alcohol, illegal drugs and prescription medication, Life Works is dedicated to recovery. We are able to provide a safe alcohol and drug detox programme tailored to the needs of the individual, and all under full medical supervision.

Our dedicated detox rooms are conveniently located very close to our on-site nursing team and extra assistance can be made available to those clients who require it. Each room provides single private accomidation with televison and ensuit bathroom.

If you are looking for more information about a detox programme but do not know where to turn, please call 0800 081 0700 or click here to complete a short enquiry form.

What happens on the detox programme?

Prior to admission, our medical staff conduct a thorough medical assessment. Uppon admission, you will have a further assessment with nursing and our GP to ensure you are in good health. Each detox programme is tailored to the individual, dependent on:

  • The type of drugs that the individual has been taking.
  • The severity of the individual's withdrawal symptoms.
  • How the individual presents to the medical staff.

Upon admission, each client is medically observed and monitored to see how they are coping medically at each stage of the detoxification process. It is difficult to say just how long detox will take as drugs and alcohol vary widly and can affect different people in a number of ways. Once a person is signed off by our medical staff, they will be allowed to join the therapy programs. Combining a proper detox with therapy afterward is very important as it drastically increases the likelyhood of long term sobriety.

How long does the detox programme last?

The duration of each alcohol or drug detox varies, according to the particular needs of the individual. Our detox programmes are designed to ensure that the process is safe, medically efficient and managed as smoothly as possible for each client.

Where required, a short alcohol detox may be possible, so long as it can be achieved without causing undue medical or psychological concern to the individual.

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