Why is cognitive behavioural therapy so effective?

Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) is a treatment that focuses on how a person’s thoughts, beliefs and attitudes affect their feelings and behaviours, and teaches patients to develop the coping skills necessary to successfully deal with the issues they may be facing.

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Police Team Up With Mental Health Professionals In Lancashire

police help mental healthAn innovative new pilot partnership has been rolled out across Lancashire in a bid to tackle emergency incidents involving people with mental health issues.

Aimed at reducing demand while ensuring that people get the right assistance at the first point of contact, the Mental Health Response Service (MHRS) will see police officers working in conjunction with dedicated NHS mental health nurses who can make assessments and referrals.

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Mental Health Patients Forced To Travel Long Distances For Treatment

Mental Health help to far awayMental health charity, Mind has spoken out about the unacceptable distances that patients are being forced to travel for a bed.

Despite the fact that a 2014 report showed that the average journey for a patient is 13 miles, many teams across the UK have seen patients travelling on average more than 100km. NHS statistics show that those in Brighton, Great Yarmouth and Waveney face the longest average distance.

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Quick Ways To Practice Mindfulness Daily

mindfulness The focus for this year’s Mental Health Awareness Week is on mindfulness. To help celebrate this, below are three quick, easy and effective ways that you can practice being mindful regardless of whether you’re in the office, at home or are sat on the train.

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Mental Health Awareness Week 2015

mental health awareness weekEvery year, Mental Health Awareness Week helps to raise awareness about the mental health and wellbeing issues that affect many of us across the UK. Taking place from the 11th until the 17th May, 2015 is focusing on Mindfulness.

There has a lot of media coverage surrounding mindfulness recently and how this type of therapy can be particularly beneficial to those who suffer from recurrent depression. What exactly is mindfulness however?

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