Healthy habits to adopt when going through addiction recovery

Addictions can take hold of people in a number of different ways. The addiction may be to drugs, alcohol, food, sex, gambling, the Internet or love; but, whichever it is, to boost the chances of recovery a person needs to adopt healthier lifestyle habits.

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The State Of The UKs Mental Health

Mental health in the UKNearly 10 million adults in the UK are being diagnosed with at least one mental health problem every single year. With that equating to an incredible one in four of us, it makes psychiatric treatment one of the biggest issues affecting society today.

The figures, which come from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) also estimate that one in 10 children aged between five and 16 have a clinically diagnosed mental health disorder. Of these, 6% have a conduct or behavioural problem, 3% have been diagnosed with anxiety and 1% with depression. Some of the other conditions amongst children include autism, tics and eating problems.

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Pupils Mental Health Tops Teachers Concerns

students and mental healthA survey of over 1,000 head teachers has revealed that two-thirds are more concerned about their pupils’ mental health than any other issue related to wellbeing. The number of pupils suffering with mental health issues and how the school is supposed to deal with it is causing school leaders more distress than domestic violence and cyberbullying.

One of the main reasons why head teachers are finding it so difficult to cope with these issues is because of the lack of funding that goes into it. Last year alone more than half of councils in England had cut or frozen budgets for child and adolescent mental heath.

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Mental Health Care Struggling To Cope With Demand

mental health crisis helpThe Care Quality Commission has reviewed the help given to those who are in a mental health crisis and has concluded that the system is struggling to cope and that people are receiving inadequate support. Worryingly, it also highlighted what has been described as a ‘lack of compassion’ from A&E staff.

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Students Face A Mental Health Crisis

mental health and childrenThe Association of Teachers and Lecturers (ATL) surveyed 850 teachers and worryingly, more than half said they feel that more children have mental health issues now compared to just two years ago.

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