Why family support can assist recovery

Moving past denial

For those who have a family member struggling with an addiction or a mental health problem, they may already be aware that familial support is invaluable. In cases of drug addiction, for example, many patients seek treatment as a direct result of positive family involvement and intervention.

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Positive Shift In Attitudes Toward Mental Health

mental health New data has revealed that public attitudes towards mental illness have improved significantly over the last decade. Although there is still a lot of work that needs to be done to end the stigma and discrimination surrounding this topic, the survey shows that opinions are slowly but surely changing.

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Mentally Ill Patients Not Receiving Enough Treatment

mental health careThe pressure that healthcare professionals are facing when it comes to freeing up mental health beds has raised concerns that vulnerable people are being left at risk and without the support they need to make a full recovery.

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Supporting Someone With Mental Illness Infographic

mental health supportMental health problems can hurt more than just the person with the mental illness. Friends and family of someone struggling with a mental health issue may also need help. With that in mind, Life Works created this short infographic outlining how to support someone with mental health problems.

This is by no means a fix for a mental health problem, but by better understanding mental health issues and providing support, loved ones can do a great deal to help someone with a mental illness. 

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Mental Health Myths VS Facts Infographic

mental health infographicThere are plenty of misconceptions about mental health in popular culture. Some of these may be harmless but many myths can create significant problems for people who deal with mental health problems in their everyday lives. One of the most common issues is that mental illness is often seen as a code word for crazy. This means people with a mental illness may be mistreated or isolated by their peers. This is despite the fact that most people with mental health problems are no more dangerous than anyone else. 

Often times stigmatising people with mental health problems is the worst thing that can be done. Isolating a mental illness is the best way to make it worse. Only acceptance and making the proper help available can really help those with mental health problems. 

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