The Rise Of Problem Gambling In The UK

gambling addictionFor many of us, a spot of casual gambling has little or no side effects. For the 600,000 people in the UK with a gambling addiction however, the impact on their lives can be massive.

Online gambling has been a huge contributing factor towards the rise in the number of addictions because it’s so easy to access and hide. Below are some of the latest figures detailing just how much of an impact the problem can have on the lives of addicts.

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Smartphones Linked To Rise In Youth Gambling

gambling addictionWith the NBA playoffs currently taking place and people all over the world placing bets on their favourite team, attention has once again been placed on the dangers of gambling.

In fact, figures are showing that thanks to the number of betting sites which are easily accessible from smartphones, the number of young people becoming addicted to gambling is well and truly on the rise. Statistics show that more than 5,000 people between the ages of 18 and 35 contacted a helpline last year which accounted for 60% of the total calls received.

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Do Big Sporting Event Fuel Gambling Addiction

Gambling AddictionFor most of us, there’s no harm in placing a little bet on the football, Wimbledon, the Grand National or whichever other sport takes our fancy. In fact, one of the most popular forms of gambling nowadays is wagering on sports and football betting alone is already a billion pound industry.

The problem with this type of betting however is that is taps into the passion of sports fans which means that those who are vulnerable or are already suffering from a gambling addiction, are going to find the temptation almost impossible to resist.

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Young Gambling Addicts Do Not Know Where To Get Help

gambling addiction helpFigures taken from the NHS’s National Problem Gambling Clinic have revealed that despite getting themselves into thousands of pounds of debts, young people suffering with gambling addictions aren’t seeking help because they simply don’t know where to turn.

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Gambling Addiction Facts

Gambling addiction week infoIt is Gambling Addiction Awareness Week and we wanted to share some information about gambling addiction with our followers. Because gambling is such a secretive mental illness, most people do not know who is effected. With this in mind, we put together some statistics about gambling addiction to give our readers a picture of who gambling addiction affects. If you would like to know more about gambling addiction please visit our Gambling Addiction Knowledge Centre. To get treatment, please visit our treatment pages or contact us today. 

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