Understand Codependency

codependencyCodependency is one of the mental health issues that we hear very little about. In fact, the vast majority of people probably haven’t even heard of it. This is a very real problem that affects many people however so here we have put together a guide of what is it and how it affects sufferers.

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What role do you play?

family roles in addiction All of us are born with a certain personality. Frequently expectant parents will experience that the name they had chosen for their unborn child, turns out to be a misfit upon meeting the infant baby, who clearly comes into this world with a personality of his or her own. However, growing up in a family, regardless of the size, all members of the family come to occupy a role; a family role. The trouble with family roles is that at no point did we actively decide our own role, and in some cases our family role has become so entangled with our personality that we lose sight of our true nature. Family roles thus become a big part of our self-identity and can in adult life come to hinder personal growth and personal expression.

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